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Easy Golf Bali is owned and operated from Perth, Australia, and they have great team of guys on the round in Bali to look after their golfers. Easy Golf Bali endeavour to deliver timely professional customer service at all times. Easy Golf Bali offers low cost, all-inclusive Golf Packages at renowned Bali Golf Courses.

Experience the beauty that golf in Bali has to offer with ONE EASY BOOKING with Easy Golf Bali. You can play with you own clubs or choose to hire their premium TaylorMade of Callaway golf clubs. It's the easiest way to play golf in Bali.

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Mal Atwell Billiards and Bingo are a family run business and have over 40 years' experience in the industry. In fact, they are WA's largest provider of Pool, Snooker, Billiard tables and accessories.

All of their tables are made locally at their factory in Willetton from Australian timbers and locally sourced materials. So you can shop with them, in confidence, knowing you are getting an Australian made product. 

The team at Mal Atwell's is proud to announce that in July 2014, CASA Billiards became a part of the group. CASA Billiards has carried the 'badge and quality' since 1968 with award winning qualities. There are thousands of CASA tables in homes across Australia, a brand you know and trust. You will be proud to own a CASA table, to have in your home for generations!



There are two men in the history of the West Coast Eagles who stand out as beacons in terms of their contributions to the club. One is premiership captain and coach John Worsfold, the other is Chief Executive Officer, Trevor Nisbett.

In his 29th season at the club, Nisbett has been involved in all of the watershed moments in club history, both on and off field. He was engaged in each of the five grand finals and, hence, all three premierships. Nisbett was also pivotal in guiding the club through troubled times as a strong and respected leader, and was instrumental in securing some of the big sponsorship deals which see the Eagles with the strongest bane sheet in the AFL.

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